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Assisted Living Olympia WA - Nancy works with AFH ownerNancy Watkins has spent ten years serving seniors and their families, representing assisted living and memory care communities and working with adult family homes and other long-term care providers in Washington. She helped to rewrite Washington’s regulations to better serve its seniors and developed the state’s first Aging and Disability Services Administration-approved training program for managers of memory care and assisted living communities. She knows what to look for and the questions to ask when touring a care setting. And she can tell you who is doing a good job. When developing a list of options for a senior’s care setting, she will include only those settings that have met her high standards for quality care. More...
Certified Senior Advisor

Helpful Resources for Caregivers

Providing Caregiver Support in Puyallup WA

Finding support for caregivers and other family members in Puyallup is simpler now that you have found Assisted Living Options.

Family members helping care for their senior loved ones can often feel overwhelmed.  The individual is now faced with the backwards feeling of taking care of a parent, instead of the other way around.  Helping an elderly parent walk or go shopping may become routine, but what about when a parent loses the ability to prepare his or her own meals, recognize danger, or becomes unable to manage personal hygiene?  This can feel like a crushing blow… Continue reading

Advance Directives: Helping Your Family Plan

Filling in an advance health care directiveHave you spoken with your family about their end-of-life plans?  Do they know your preferences for healthcare management in the event that you become too ill to express your wishes?  Although these topics are difficult to consider, they are especially important for family members of advancing age.

Advance directives are plans you create, often with the help of an attorney, listing specific wishes for your care in the event of devastating illness or injury. For example, would you choose to be on life support measures such as a respirator to help you breathe, or feeding through tubes to… Continue reading

Vintage Valentines and Romantic Remembrances

Encourage the memories...If you are looking for the best living environment for your senior loved one, you may know that Nancy Watkins can provide the help you need to feel confident about your decision.  For those of us with parents, grandparents, or other loved ones already residing in an assisted living facility, it can sometimes be difficult to make conversation when we visit or call.  We may feel like “small talk” is the safest choice, but it can be wonderful to hear love stories from earlier generations.

If you haven’t heard Aunt Sal tell about the day she… Continue reading

Protecting a Loved One From Fraud

Scams targeting seniors are becoming more common, and yet we only hear of them in the news occasionally.  Have you a friend or relative who has been taken advantage of by a scam artist?  People of an earlier generation may more likely to become victims of fraud in part because they tend to be more trusting and less willing to say “no” to someone who acts kind towards them.  People who live far from family or who may be lonely are also at risk from swindlers looking for an “easy target”.

Concerned that a neighbor or family… Continue reading

Caring For Loved Ones in Winter

The official start of winter is nearly here, and with it comes added concerns for those of us with senior loved ones.  As we age, our bodies become more fragile, and a fall can mean the difference between self-sufficiency and having to consider a move into an assisted living facility or adult family home.

Most of us are aware that falling is a significant hazard for our elders, and so we take care to help our loved ones when the sidewalks are frozen with ice or if an entryway is wet.  But some of the risks associated with… Continue reading

Helpful information for Caregivers during the holidays

For many caregivers the holiday season gives rise to stress, frustration and even anger, instead of peace and good will. I wanted to share information that was written recently by the Family Caregivers Alliance.

Nancy Watkins, CSA

Caregivers may feel resentful towards other family members who they feel have not offered enough assistance. Managing care for someone who has a cognitive impairment may leave caregivers feeling that they will not be able to participate as fully as they would like in family gatherings. Already feeling overwhelmed with caregiving tasks, stressed-out caregivers may view traditional holiday preparations as more of a… Continue reading

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Nancy was so compassionate

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it has been having Nancy help us find a place for my Mom who has dementia. Nancy was so incredible and helpful especially at a time when we were, as can be imagined, having one of the most difficult family events ever. Nancy was so compassionate more »

Rinee M.
Thank you so much

Hi Nancy, I want to thank you on behalf of my brothers and I for helping us find a place for our mother. I was at a loss as to how to go about things until I got hold of you. I’m sure we would still be looking had it not been for your help. more »

Chuck T.
My cousin is very happy now

Thank you for all that you did for my cousin… She may have been reluctant at first, but she is very happy now (and much safer). You played an important part in this transition.

Fr. Tim I
Great help finding a nice home for dad

Nancy, thanks for the great help in finding a nice home for my dad – things are so much better for him now

Bob P.
Positive spin on the transition.

Talked to mom today and heard no regrets (after her move to assisted living). I give you a lot of the credit… you really helped to put a positive spin on the whole transition.

Elizabeth A.
A mere thanks hardly covers it

Picking me up, handling the walker every time, generally bolstering me mentally; a mere thanks hardly covers it all!

Margaret I.
Good fit to Mothers needs

Thanks Nancy for responding so quickly to my plea for help. I couldn’t have done it without you. Finding a home for my mother so quickly and a good fit to her needs. I now know I would have made a critical mistake if I had done this on my own. Your guidance in knowing more »

Barb H.
Good care of my Dad

I can’t thank you enough for recommending the house my Dad is living in. Joyce and Sandy are great, along with the other gals. They take such good care of my Dad and I think he really is enjoying living there. It has been a great move for him.

Mary M.
Wonderful to work with

Hi Nancy! This is a hello and thank-you from Duane B’s family. You miraculously found him an assisted living place right after Christmas 2011. He was 96 at the time and in a “spend down” period. You found him a wonderful place in Kirkland. Anyway, I was trying to find something else in my e-mails more »

Cheri A.