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Assisted Living Olympia WA - Nancy works with AFH ownerNancy Watkins has spent ten years serving seniors and their families, representing assisted living and memory care communities and working with adult family homes and other long-term care providers in Washington. She helped to rewrite Washington’s regulations to better serve its seniors and developed the state’s first Aging and Disability Services Administration-approved training program for managers of memory care and assisted living communities. She knows what to look for and the questions to ask when touring a care setting. And she can tell you who is doing a good job. When developing a list of options for a senior’s care setting, she will include only those settings that have met her high standards for quality care. More...
Certified Senior Advisor

Senior Care Olympia WA: Is it Time to Stop Driving?

Senior care Olympia WA can provide transportation solutions

 Are you struggling with the question of how long your aging parent should continue to drive? This is a question that will inevitably arise in the course of an aging parent’s life. It is played out in many families every day. Every family will address it differently. It seems to come down to safety vs. freedom. Who should decide when an elder should hang up the car keys for good? And how will their transportation needs be met from then on? The problem is complex, and can bring up lots… Continue reading

Senior Care Olympia WA: Family Visits

Are you wondering how often to visit a loved one in senior care Olympia WA?

 This is a question often asked by family members when an elderly parent or grandparent has recently moved into senior care Olympia WA. It can be a tricky question to answer because individual needs will, of course, vary. When a family member first moves into a care facility there is a tendency to want to visit frequently. Feelings of guilt, fear or anxiety may cause loved ones to visit often during the first few months.

senior care Olympia WAIt is wise to think about how often you… Continue reading

Special Activities in Adult Family Homes Olympia WA

Live a full life in adult family homes Olympia WA

Moving into an adult family home doesn’t mean it’s time to settle for a quiet, uninteresting life. Adult family homes Olympia WA offer a wide range of life-enriching activities. The specific type of activities will vary from home to home, and the availability of activities on any given day will differ. But the smaller, more intimate size of adult family homes makes it possible to offer a more individualized program, focusing on the particular interests and needs of the individuals that live in the home.

In all adult family homes,… Continue reading

Life at Adult Family Homes Olympia WA: Using Computers

Computer use enriches life at Adult Family Homes Olympia WA

Senior citizens are becoming one of the largest age groups of computer users. Many adult family homes Olympia WA now offer the use of a computer and internet access as part of their service. This is a trend that may seem surprising, but it actually makes a lot of sense that seniors would find computer technology useful and enjoyable. To explain this trend we must first address the myth that says that older people can’t learn new things. Research shows that the three predictors of good mental function in old… Continue reading

Considering Adult Family Homes Olympia WA

You can feel at ease with adult family homes Olympia WA

It is not unusual for family members of an older adult to feel confused and overwhelmed when trying to make the decision of how to choose a living situation for their loved one. There are many considerations when trying to choose from the hundreds of available  homes and facilities. Part of the decision involves choosing which home will meet the specific needs of the individual resident, while another concern is how families will evaluate the quality of care and services at a particular home. One thing that adult… Continue reading

Adult Family Homes in Olympia WA: What are the Benefits?

Finding Adult Family Homes in Olympia WA

When you are exploring your options for senior housing facilities, you may want to consider adult family homes in Olympia WA. Adult family homes are private homes that are licensed by the state of Washington. They may care for up to 6 residents. They provide warm, personalized care in a family home within a residential neighborhood.  adult family homes in Olympia, WA

Each adult family home has licensed  care providers who have the training and experience to care for residents with a variety of needs. The providers may have different levels of skills–there may be a… Continue reading

Find Happiness in Later Life Through Assisted Living in Olympia, WA

Assisted Living in Olympia, WA contributes to Senior Happiness 

I was recently reading an article on happiness over the life span and how assisted living in Olympia, WA can contribute to it. I found the information both fascinating and encouraging. What I learned was that several studies that have been done on this topic indicate that Americans’ happiness increases after the age of 50. This is regardless of income, employment or children. This is also a consistent phenomenon all around the world.assisted living in Olympia, WA

Happiness is a subjective variable. But there is a significant amount of research that shows that… Continue reading

Assisted Living in Olympia, WA: Making a smooth transition

Assisted living in Olympia, WAEasing the transition into Assisted Living in Olympia, WA 

Helping your loved one make that transition from home into an assisted living facility is an important time in your family’s life. After making that all-important decision to move into assisted living in Olympia, WA, you will begin thinking about how to make that transition go as smoothly as possible. Here you will find some tips that many families have found especially helpful.

Help get the room set up ahead of time. Bring in personal items from home that will help your loved one feel more at home. Of course… Continue reading

Assisted Living in Olympia WA Licensing Agency Guidelines

Assisted Living in Olympia WA is overseen by the AGING AND LONG-TERM SUPPORT ADMINISTRATION, a part of Washington's Department of Social & HealthLicensing and monitoring of Assisted Living in Olympia WA is overseen by the AGING AND LONG-TERM SUPPORT ADMINISTRATION, a part of Washington’s Department of Social & Health Services.

Unlike some states, we are fortunate to be in a state that requires assisted living facilities and adult family homes to be licensed and monitored. State licensing provides some assurance that the assisted living in Olympia WA you choose has at least met the basic requirements to gain and maintain their license.

An assisted living facility is generally located in a residential area, but accommodates more residents then an adult family home,… Continue reading

Senior Care in Tacoma, WA Means More On Mother’s Day

Tacoma, WA has so much to offer senior care residents and their families on Mother’s Day and beyond!

Sunday brunch with Mom, some flowers and a card are all nice ways to show your mom you care.  But what about inviting your mother to something different this year?  Assisted Living Options has some local events to share with you, to help you discover Tacoma (and the surrounding area) and make this Mother’s Day 2013 a special one for your senior mom.

Treat your mom to a concert at the Capitol today, as the Olympia Flute Choir puts on… Continue reading

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Nancy was so compassionate

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it has been having Nancy help us find a place for my Mom who has dementia. Nancy was so incredible and helpful especially at a time when we were, as can be imagined, having one of the most difficult family events ever. Nancy was so compassionate more »

Rinee M.
Thank you so much

Hi Nancy, I want to thank you on behalf of my brothers and I for helping us find a place for our mother. I was at a loss as to how to go about things until I got hold of you. I’m sure we would still be looking had it not been for your help. more »

Chuck T.
My cousin is very happy now

Thank you for all that you did for my cousin… She may have been reluctant at first, but she is very happy now (and much safer). You played an important part in this transition.

Fr. Tim I
Great help finding a nice home for dad

Nancy, thanks for the great help in finding a nice home for my dad – things are so much better for him now

Bob P.
Positive spin on the transition.

Talked to mom today and heard no regrets (after her move to assisted living). I give you a lot of the credit… you really helped to put a positive spin on the whole transition.

Elizabeth A.
A mere thanks hardly covers it

Picking me up, handling the walker every time, generally bolstering me mentally; a mere thanks hardly covers it all!

Margaret I.
Good fit to Mothers needs

Thanks Nancy for responding so quickly to my plea for help. I couldn’t have done it without you. Finding a home for my mother so quickly and a good fit to her needs. I now know I would have made a critical mistake if I had done this on my own. Your guidance in knowing more »

Barb H.
Good care of my Dad

I can’t thank you enough for recommending the house my Dad is living in. Joyce and Sandy are great, along with the other gals. They take such good care of my Dad and I think he really is enjoying living there. It has been a great move for him.

Mary M.
Wonderful to work with

Hi Nancy! This is a hello and thank-you from Duane B’s family. You miraculously found him an assisted living place right after Christmas 2011. He was 96 at the time and in a “spend down” period. You found him a wonderful place in Kirkland. Anyway, I was trying to find something else in my e-mails more »

Cheri A.